Who are we at St. Andrew’s

Episcopal Church?

Who are we at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church?

We are accepting…

Due to our historical proximity to several military bases and with strong ties to the ’12-step’ community, St. Andrew’s naturally attracts a wide range of people: racially, socio-economically, theologically, educationally, politically, sexual orientation-wise and more. We are not just ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’. Diversity is a part of our DNA. 

We are a living experiment in loving the variety of members in the Body of Christ.

We are warm and welcoming…

We like coming to church to worship, to be together, to check in, to give support, to see friends, and visitors sense quickly that they are included in the community just as fast as they feel comfortable.

We are followers of Jesus Christ…

We take the Christian faith very seriously, we want to grow spiritually, and to be faithful followers of Jesus by becoming like him (theosis) and following the Way (praxis). We know that on this Path, not everyone is in the same spot on the journey.

We are Episcopalian…

We are part of the centuries old Episcopal Tradition* which has it’s roots in the ancient church before there were any official denominations. We use formal liturgies to worship together following common prayers, rituals, and customs of the Episcopal Church. The Bible is our book and we do not read it ‘at face value’, but interpret it using historical context, Tradition, and Reason, and applying it to our current life. 

(* The community has checks and balances, being overseen by a Bishop, and the finances and policies of the congregation are managed by a board elected by the congregation. Our financial statements are publicly posted and available to everyone.)

The Purpose of the Church Universal is to “restore all people to unity with God and each other”.

The Purpose of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is to

“be a more loving, accepting, inclusive community, equipping everyone for ministry”.

The Staff

Just a few of the friendly faces you will find around St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church!

  • Rector

    The Rev. David Archibald

  • Administrative Assistant to the Rector &


    Christopher Pagonis

  • Sexton

    Fred Murphy

  • Chancel Choir Director/Organist

    Judy Gorell

  • Contemporary Shekinah Group Leader

    Judy Adams

  • Children’s Ministry Minister

    Carol Waltner

  • Financial Administrator

    Agi Graham