Who are we at St. Andrew’s

Episcopal Church?

We are accepting…

You and I are made in the image of God, exactly how we are. We we fearfully and wonderfully made. Because of this, all are welcome through our doors with love, as God first loved us. All means all, from the full range of humanity: racially, socio-economically, theologically, educationally, politically, sexual orientation-wise and more. Diversity is a part of our DNA.  We are a living experiment in loving the variety of members in the Body of Christ.

We are warm and welcoming…

We like coming to church to worship, to be together, to check in, to give support, to see friends, and visitors sense quickly that they are included in the community just as fast as they feel comfortable.

We are followers of Jesus Christ…

We take the Christian faith very seriously, we want to grow spiritually, and to be faithful followers of Jesus by becoming like him (theosis) and following the Way (praxis). We know that on this Path, not everyone is in the same spot on the journey.

We are Episcopalian…

We are part of the centuries old Episcopal Tradition which has it’s roots in the ancient church before there were any official denominations. We use formal liturgies to worship together following common prayers, rituals, and customs of the Episcopal Church. The Bible is our book and we do not read it ‘at face value’, but interpret it using historical context, Tradition, and Reason, and applying it to our current life. 

The Purpose of the Church Universal is to “restore all people to unity with God and each other”.

The Purpose of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is to

“Be a loving, accepting, inclusive community; 

helping everyone in the transformation of consciousness from Ego to Spirit.”

The Staff

Just a few of the friendly faces you will find around St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church!

  • Rector

    The Rev. David Archibald (He/Him)

    Married to Kim after a divorce; has a step daughter -Mikayla - who loves cosplay and the arts; has been a priest for 26 years; likes fitness, metaphysics, sports, 70s rock ‘n roll, Eckart Tolle, Sufi poetry, all dogs… (and cats are OK too.)

  • Administrative Assistant to the Rector &


    Chris Pagonis (She/Her)

    Married to her best friend Melissa, and 'parent' of many cats. Loves theology, working on computers, puzzles, Japanese anime, gaming (both of the board and video variety) and community service projects. Can’t sing to save her life. Raised Roman Catholic, but found their spiritual home in the Episcopal Church. 

  • Children’s Ministry Minister

    Carol Waltner (She/Her)

    I’ve been an educator for a long time--primarily as a teacher or instructional assistant in preschools through community college levels and as a developer/administrator of early childhood education and teacher training programs. During the most recent 15 years I’ve helped the children and their families at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church experience and share God’s abundant love.

  • Sexton

    Fred Murphy(He/Him)

    "Pretty handy with tools and stuff." Retired Navy; likes traveling; old cars, target shooting; meeting new people, and has lots of family in Georgia.

  • Financial Administrator

    Agi Graham (She/Her)

    Agi is short Agata – the polish version of Agatha which is where my family hails from. Mom is Jewish and dad is Roman Catholic. I’m married to Roger a financial analyst and all around good guy. We have four kids and I have been working as the bookkeeper for the church since being pregnant with my first some 13 years ago.

  • Chancel Choir Director/Organist

    Darrin Newhardt (He/Him)

    While new to the Episcopal world, Darrin is exceptionally skilled on the piano and organ and has special gifts in creating special liturgies and multi-media musical events.

    Originally from Los Angeles, California, Darrin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition from the University of Southern California, and has many year of experience working in the church world – the last sixteen years he spent as Director of Music for a Presbyterian church in Helotes.   Darrin is married to Sharon and they have a son, Evan.  He also teaches private vocal and piano lessons - which he will be doing from St. Andrew’s – so, if you or your kids want an excellent teacher, you might want to hit him up.