St. Andrew's Re-Closing In-Person Worship After 7/12

Dear Friends and Parishioners of St. Andrew’s, 

Our vestry met last Thursday, July 9th. This was our first meeting in six weeks. At last gathering we agreed on all the procedures need to re-open the church with all the required special procedures.

We had a lengthy and serious meeting. Most of our time was used discussing the increasing trend of COVID-19 cases in San Antonio since it has become hot spot for the infection.

* When we had previously met on May 28th and finalized our procedures for re-opening the average number of new cases for the previous 7 days was 30.

* Now on July 10th the average number of new cases for the previous 7 days is 690.

In light of this dramatic upward trend, the vestry has unanimously agreed that after the Sunday July 12th service, we will stop in-person services until further notice

All Sunday and weekday services will continue to be broadcast online.

It is disheartening to go backwards after just re-starting only for four weeks ago. Know absolutely that we do not take this action lightly, and only to protect our people and the larger community.

We have decided that this plan will remain in place until positive cases show a significant downward trend - in keeping with the CDC and Diocesan Guidelines.

I know this is disappointing and frustrating for many of you who were hoping we could at least stay in track with our first phase of re-opening - even though the alterations in our service were severe. The vestry and I feel the same way. Yet we are forced to recognize the trend of the infection is moving dramatically upward and we feel compelled to take this action.

On the positive side, we now have all the workers, supplies, procedures, and experience we need to re-open again quickly when the time comes. With endurance and steadfastness we will pass through this difficult time and come out the other side together.

This letter and email is not a one way communication. Everyone is welcome to contact me to express whatever is on your hearts and minds: frustration, relief, ideas, and dreams for the church… or all of the above.


Fr. David

PSA About Why You Should Be Wearing Your Mask in the time of COVID-19

Here is our schedule for our online services:

Morning Prayer - 9:30 AM - Monday – Thursday

Evening Prayer 7:30 PM - Monday – Friday

Contemplative Prayer  Noon - Monday – Thursday

Sunday Eucharist - 9:30 AM

Please use the following links to watch our online services (they are simulcast to all of them at the same time). If you have a problem with one, please feel free to use another:

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If you would like to add to the prayer list which will be in the online Sunday Announcements you may call the church office or use this form to send them electronically (in lieu of our blue prayer cards.)

If you would like to follow along, here are the documents for services/groups, list is updated daily as well as posted on our Facebook page:

Things you will use most services:

Book of Common Prayer (BCP) - Please feel free to download to your device to use during any of the services.

For use with evening prayer:

Evening Prayer: Rite I

Evening Prayer Rite II


For use with Children's Church:

Children's Service Liturgy

The Circle of the Holy Eucharist

Updated Order of Services ( →  arrow  denotes where we are):

Sun: 6th Sunday after Pentecost: Proper 10 - July 12

Morning Prayer - Mon

Evening Prayer - Mon

Morning Prayer - Tue

Evening Prayer - Tue

Morning Prayer - Wed

Evening Prayer - Wed

Morning Prayer - Thur

Evening Prayer - Thur

Evening Prayer - Fri

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If there is not a live-stream currently available, check back at a later time.

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Those who are called for spiritual transformation are welcome,

as are those looking for a quiet retreat away.

Those who come for every Sunday are welcome,

as are those who are not quite sure of our way.

All who feel broken are welcome,

and those who think they need their spirit clean.

Those who are LGBTQIA+ are welcome,

as are those who don’t know what that means.

Liberals and conservatives are also welcome,

as is anyone in between.

Those with no worldly wealth are welcome,

as are those who are rich with fame.

All people are welcome here,

all in Jesus’ name.

All are called to be people of the Spirit,

all one in the same.

- C. Pagonis


Service Times

Pre-Covid-19 times listed below

Monday Services:

7:00 PM Every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month - Healing Service sponsored by the Order of St. Luke.

Wednesday Service:

Noon - Full Eucharist Service

Everyone is invited.

Sunday Services:

8:30 AM Rite I - more formal with some traditional hymn singing.

11:00 AM Rite II - less formal with more music in a variety of styles.

Youth Church and Children's Chapel are also at this time.

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