Welcome to St. Andrew's Episcopal Church!

There's a lot to explore here, and so that you don't get lost in all the details... 

see below for some basic ideas:

* As we see it the purpose of the church is restore all people to unity with God and each other through Christ.

* More specifically at our particular church, we are trying to do just that by being a loving, inclusive community, while we equip everyone for ministry.

Service Times

Advent and Christmas Services

Sunday, December 24th, we will have one combined service for Advent IV at 10AM.


We'd like to invite you (and your friends and relatives and neighbors) to the Dec. 24th 4PM Christmas Pageant where you can all go deeper into the mystery of Christmas through taking on one of the roles of the people in the Nativity story. How did that person feel, think and say to the other characters?  Our pageant is pretty low-key-participants are of all ages, there are no speaking parts, we tell you when to stand, and we'll give you the words to the songs we'll all sing, and we welcome all participants (several Marys or Josephs are fine). What could be better?

Do think about it. This Christmas pageant is not a spectator event--it's participatory. And we are part of the mystery.


The Christmas Eve Worship Service & Evening Carols (Midnight Mass) will start at 10:30PM.  If you would like to invite your friends/family/neighbors/etc.  please feel free to use our event link below:


On Christmas Day we will be having a single service at 10AM.

Please come and be a part of our celebration of Christmas!

Monday Services:

10:00 AM - Lectio Divina Service

7:00 PM Every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month - Healing Service sponsored by the Order of St. Luke.

Wednesday Service:

Noon - Eucharist Service

Thursdays Service:

7:00 PM - Lectio Divina Service

Sunday Services:

8:30 AM Rite I - more formal with some traditional hymn singing.

10:00 AM - Education classes for all ages.

11:00 AM Rite II - less formal with more music in a variety of styles.

Miss last weeks sermon by Fr. David? Click here to catch up on Youtube!

Harvey Relief Information

Dear St. Andrew's family,

Here is an update on Episcopal relief efforts for the damaged caused by hurricane Harvey.  The Diocese of West Texas and the National Episcopal Church are directly involved.

Quite a number of our churches were affected by the storm. Many congregations in the area are in need of help OR are centers for relief efforts in their cities.



As you will see in the links above there is a need for cash donations, and some on-sight volunteer help, but most donations of clothing etc. cannot be processed as this time and is not as helpful as one might think.

Note:  there is also a call out for 'Bug Spray' (Deet) - as you will read in the latest update above from the Diocese.  You may bring them to St. Andrew's and we will be looking for ways to deliver this item to the people in need.

Thank you,

Fr. David