In-Person & On-line Worship

NOTE:  This is our old website, 

to find the new online home of St. Andrew's please visit:

PSA About Why You Should Be Wearing Your Mask in the time of COVID-19

Here is our schedule for our services:

Online Services:

Morning Prayer - 9:30 AM - Monday – Thursday

Contemplative Prayer  Noon - Monday – Thursday

Evening Prayer 7:30 PM - Monday – Friday

Sunday Eucharist In-Person and Online: Service

8:30 AM - Rite I Service

11 AM - Rite II Service

Please read and familiarize yourself with all of the in-person guidelines below:

St. Andrew's Guidelines

St. Andrews Nursery and Children's Church Protocols

Diocesan Guidelines for Phased Reopening (2b)

Please use the following links to watch our online services (they are simulcast to all of them at the same time). If you have a problem with one, please feel free to use another:

Facebook              Youtube              Twitch

If you would like to add to the prayer list

use this form to send them electronically

If you would like to follow along with any of our online services, here are the documents for services/groups, list is updated daily as well as posted on our Facebook page:

Things you will use most services:

Book of Common Prayer (BCP) - Please feel free to download to your device to use during any of the services.

For use with evening prayer:

Evening Prayer: Rite I

Evening Prayer Rite II


Updated Order of Services ( →  arrow  denotes where we are):

Sun: Third Sunday after Pentecost

Rite I (8:30 AM)    or     Rite II (11 AM)

Mon:     Morning Prayer /  Evening Prayer

Tues:    Morning Prayer /  Evening Prayer

Wed:     Morning Prayer /  Evening Prayer

Thurs:  Morning Prayer /  Evening Prayer

Fri:   Evening Prayer


Click Here To Watch Live!

If there is not a live-stream currently available, check back at a later time.

(Click here for archived videos)


Those who are called for spiritual transformation are welcome,

as are those looking for a quiet retreat away.

Those who come for every Sunday are welcome,

as are those who are not quite sure of our way.

All who feel broken are welcome,

and those who think they need their spirit clean.

Those who are LGBTQIA+ are welcome,

as are those who don’t know what that means.

Liberals and conservatives are also welcome,

as is anyone in between.

Those with no worldly wealth are welcome,

as are those who are rich with fame.

All people are welcome here,

all in Jesus’ name.

All are called to be people of the Spirit,

all one in the same.

- C. Pagonis